Written by Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Paul Green, "Trumpet in the Land" is an unforgettable experience that brings to life the Ohio frontier during the Revolutionary War. Performed in the same hills from which this story is born, Trumpet is a thrilling and passionate story of a peaceful people's influence on the war and the tragic events that encircled the founding of Ohio's first settlement, Schoenbrunn.

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    As day turns to night, join the cast of TRUMPET IN THE LAND as the legendary vampire DRACULA walks the hills of the Schoenbrunn Amphitheatre. The startling double twist at the end of the show will have you looking over your shoulder until you are on...

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On Saturday, September 26 at 9:00 a.m. TRUMPET IN THE LAND will hold its second annual “Dracula Monster Dash” 5K Run/Walk. Participants will travel from the amphitheatre gate, loop around Kent State University, travel down University Drive towards Ridge Road and back. Advance registration $25 for runners and $15 for walkers. For more information on the Dracula Monster Dash or any other TRUMPET event,check out our events page or call 330-364-5111 or 330-339-1132.

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