As day turns to night, join the cast of TRUMPET IN THE LAND as the legendary vampire DRACULA walks the hills of the Schoenbrunn Amphitheatre. The startling double twist at the end of the show will have you looking over your shoulder until you are once again safe in your car.

DRACULA will make your hair stand on end as you are enveloped by the ever-ominous darkness and listen to the children of the night in the open-air amphitheatre. Be enthralled by the mesmerizing story, but don’t be too quick to think that the person sitting beside you is just another audience member as you watch the blood-sucking Count played by Joe Bonamico, Corey Zickel as the insect-eating Renfield, the relentless Professor Van Helsing played by Bart Herman and Mark Durbin as the comical butler Charles.

Tickets for this eerie 8:00 P.M. production are $20.00 for adults, $18.00 for seniors, and $10.00 children(12 and under)

Tickets can be purchased at the Trumpet in the Land box office or by calling 330- 339-1132 or 330-364-5111 today to make reservations for a night of classic terror.

Additional dates: October 2, 8 & 9, 2021